our dogs at home

Whilst we take great pride in the many wins are dogs have, they are all first and foremost members of our family and enjoy doing what dogs do best; being with you. Here we will add lots of photos demonstrating just that and also showing that 'show dogs' are not always clean and perfectly groomed!!  

Nelli taking a dip on a hot day!       night in front of the telly  l-r G past Magice (Kizzy) her brother Sh Ch G Picture This (Luka) Hope and Jasmine


        blackberry picking on a favorite walk, part of the National Forest, 5 mins from home


     a gaggle of welsh at Calke Abbey, plus the ESS interloper!!


  a typical view of our living room floor of an evening, including discarded crocs. Most of the welsh are on the sofa, but you can see Willow (goldie), our resident pillow!! Honor's CC winning Curly, Lara, the house protector, Miley - Dan's PRT he shows himself with great success,  Josie, our sweet, sweet ruby cavlaier,  a daughter of Johnny, she demonstratess great testament to the breed and the power of love and attention; having spent her first 10 months confined to kennel life before she joined us, she loves home comforts, and Martha, Tim's beloved labrador, thankfully Martha and Amy (Sh Ch G Tribute) get along well, so they can both believe that they ARE Daddy's princess!. Callum's dog, Dora, was siiting with him , as she always does! 

Taken April 2013, our two boys aged 11 & 9 with their pet dogs

Sh Ch G Picture This JW ShCM  12 CC 11 res CC

Sh Ch G Tribute JW 7 CC 10 res CC

Sh CH G Timelord JW ShCM 3CC 3 res CC BOB Crufts 2102/2013

and 'baby April' G Poetry JW res CC ,  all doing what they do best, being part of our family!  taken in the field across from our home, the one in the background, Kizzy, G Past Magic, mother to our top winning puppy G Rainman